About Revolution - Apps


Revolution - Apps focuses on developing iOS Apps and was founded by Thiemo Klein (TheKleini666) in 2009. It has been founded, because Thiemo Klein wanted to redefine App developing in a more user friendly way.

The first goal for Klein was, to develope Cydia-like Apps for unjailbroken iOS devices. But Apple would have rejected every App, so Revolution - Apps started to create WebApps, which were based on Cydia Apps. The first project was called "User agent faker" and it was designed, to switch easily between different user-agent strings.

In 2011 Thiemo Klein decided to expand Revolution - Apps and the first Revolution - Apps Windows and Linux applications were released. The first two applications were called "Firmware downloader" and "Jailbreak it". Using "Firmware downloader" people were able to download iOS firmwares with just one click. "Jailbreak it" was designed to help people who want to jailbreak their iOS Device.

In early 2012 Thiemo Klein started to code a whole operating system called "RevlutionOS". RevolutionOS is an free open source operating system. You were able to change the design, background and much more easily.

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Thiemo Klein

Developer & Founder

About the founder

Thiemo Klein was born in Austria in 1997. In his early life, he tinkered with mobile phones.

In the age of 10 he started with his first Homepage called "Touch-Tutorials". "Touch-Tutorials" was a blog, which focused on tutorials and news about jailbroken iOS devices. One year later Thiemo Klein started with designing Websites. So he build a new Homepage called "Design-maker". Klein didn't want to charge anything for his website templates.

In the same year he started with developing windows applications. The programming language for his projects was called "Turbo pascal". Developing applications has thrilled him.

In the next few years he tought himself much more programming languages:

  • Age of 12: Aimbots and hacks for games
  • Age of 13: iPhone themes, Cydia apps, WebApps
  • Age of 14: Operating system (RevolutionOS)
  • Age of 15: iOS-Apps: Games and utilities
  • Age of 16: CloudPebble and LogBook