Do you find filling in your LogBook after every ride a tedious & time consuming activity? Do you wish there was an easy to use, simple solution? Well now there is!
With the all-new LogBook app you can forget about writing your LogBook after those long, strenuous truck, car or boat journeys and have your iPhone compile a CSV with all the information about each drive right from your pocket! After exporting your history as a CSV file you are able to print it, or open it using “Excel”, “Numbers” and any other spreadsheet application.
LogBook tracks everything ranging from your route to the speed you travelled at as well as many other useful analytics such as the distance you covered & the weather conditions at the time!
With LogBook’s advanced battery saving algorithm you can rest assured that LogBook will be able to track your journey without draining all of your battery in the process!
You can even leave LogBook running in the background of your phone whilst you perform other tasks and it will continue recording this vital data!
So what are you waiting for? Download LogBook today & start revolutionizing the way you fill in your logbook!

  • Manage
  • Export
  • iOS 7 optimised
  • Retina graphics
  • iPhone 5/5S/5C compatible
  • Stunning Design


LogBook - Manages your rides